Andrew for Secrets Medical Centre Video Testimonials

February 02, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew

How was your last appointment at Secrets Medical Centre?

Andrew: Well, what can I say? My experience with Secrets Medical Center was fabulous. My dentist was professional caring and it was really the best experience with the dentist I've ever had. My partner who followed straight after me, also expressed the same opinion that she felt really listened to, cared for. And the dentist also spotted something that she needs to investigate further by her doctor, which was most pleasing that the dentist picks these things up. Um, and I have nothing but praise for the whole team there. And, uh, it's just the best experience I've had ever with the dentist.

How would you describe Secrets Medical Centre in three words?

Andrew: I would say it's warm, welcoming and professional.

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