Testimonial 1

September 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Yeah. So what was uh you know, kind of what was life like before you before using Secondslide? Uh So it was big bulk orders. Um And we've, we even had some of that after Secondslide because we already had the Jersey set up ready to go. And obviously we're transitioning over to you guys doing that now, but it was big bulk orders and stuff coming to me and me managing things as opposed to other as, as opposed to stuff going directly to the people buying them. Then like the items like the apparel and then, also with that, before you guys, we had some problems with people making orders with vendors and then not actually getting their stuff. And we didn't find that out until later. And then, so even some of the orders that we that that happened on the Secondslide store, there's probably like two orders that we actually placed to just make up with previous vendors that kind of, you know, messed up and, and kind of left people out to dry without getting their orders. So, yeah.

right? And then, so how is using Secondslide changing the program for the better? Uh So there are several, several ways obviously, for me, you know, like being the director, and for our board members, it's a lot off of our plate for things that we have to do. You know, you guys handle everything from whenever someone wants to purchase anything. It's the direct ship to the consumer is just absolutely massive.

Obviously, we, you know, we are at about, I think we're at just over $1300 with what we've made off of our store. And you know, that's, that's huge and not only did that, that's obviously covering what, what we pay for the yearly subscription, but then that's a bunch on top of it, right? So, so that's been huge for us, but managerial wise, it takes a lot off of our plate. Awesome.

And then was there anything in particular that you would say inspired you to buy Secondslide? I mean, once, once we talked about everything, it just kind of seemed like a no brainer. It, you know, it's just trying to find something, anything that you can find to make your life easier better your program and something that's just positive, like positive experience, all of that, all of that's obviously what you're looking for. And I think so many people have had us included just so many experiences that have not been positive that, you know, you're just, you're looking for something and then once you find it, you're like, well, I'm just gonna keep doing that. I'm gonna stick with that. which is why, like, you know, we've switched our jerseys over to you guys. it's just, it just works and, and that's why I try and anyone that's doing any sports, anything, I'm always like, hey, you really should check this out. you know, it just makes things easier.

And then how could Secondslide help you reach your program goals? Uh I think right now it just, it, right now it is, you know, our, our big thing and it's for, again, for me, I I'll say this like three times. It's just, it's taking stuff off my plate. Our, our last three years has been nuts. Last summer of '22 we had 2 teams this year we had 5 next year we got them in tryouts. Next year we have 8 teams. And so that's, that's like 130 or 140 something kids that I don't have to sort their jerseys in my dining room. it gives everyone a centralized place to go to order items. You know, once I have all the jersey numbers and I send those off to Hobey and he organizes which ones get. I, I'm interested to see how that process works. We've never done it like this. Right. It's always been me and spreadsheets and making sure that I don't goof up somewhere. So sending in rosters and jersey numbers to make sure the kids get the right jersey number when they place their order for their jerseys. I am interested to see how all that goes. I'm sure I'm confident it's gonna go great. But, you know, we've never done anything like that. So again, just managerial wise, like there's so much that I used to have to do that I don't have to do now. And that's really big, especially since we are growing, you know, we increased 100 players in the last two years and so that makes things a lot easier for me.

And then what would you say to someone that's considering getting a Secondslide store? Don't be nervous about making the subscription fee back. Um I feel like you've got a built in safety net there,

I know that you're gonna make more with, not a whole lot of effort. Right. So it's just, it, it makes your life easier and you make a, a little bit of money on it. So I would definitely tell people that they, they should consider it

I should definitely, definitely mention because I'm experiencing this with my son's cross country team right now. Through the school is, you know, the two week window to order, we got two weeks to get this order done and, and that's it, you know, having, having the store up year wide and being able to switch items in and out. That's, that's huge. Right? Because like I said, I just had Adam, add a couple of new shirts recently and I know come winter time, like sometime in the fall we'll add, we'll add different kinds of hoodies and stuff so people can get their Christmas orders in and all that kind of stuff.

But, you know, kind of what made you decide to go a Secondslide over maybe some similar other options. Well, obviously, obviously Jesse introduced us and, and he's one of our guys and, um, it just seems, it seems aside from, you know, there's a lot, there's other companies that do the, you make money back on this store and this and that kind of stuff, but it, it definitely Secondslide feels like very genuine. I will, I will say that 100%. You definitely get some other places that don't feel genuine. You know, I know if I ever had like an issue with anything, I could just shoot off an email, I could just, I mean, it's it's really not, it's not hard to get a hold of you guys. So it's just, and I always get a response. I don't think I've ever waited, not even a full business day for a response like it's always same day stuff. So it's just, I don't know, it just it genuine. Yeah, we'll go with genuine. That's, that's the big one. Awesome. I really can't thank you enough.

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