Shannon Donovan for SearchAtlas Video Testimonials

January 25, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shannon Donovan, Owner CEO, Small Biz Drs

Shannon Donovan: Hi! I'm Shannon Donovan and I have two digital marketing agencies, Smallbiz Doctors, which is more of a generalist firm and Remodelers Marketing Crew, which we focus mainly on remodeling companies.

What challenges were you facing before Search Atlas?

Shannon Donovan: Before using Search Atlas, we were using many different platforms to get done all of what you can do in Search Atlas now and more efficiently. So we had a platform that we were trying out for writing with AI. And now we basically have used Search Atlas and incorporated all of our content writing with that and even the content, the writing that we done prior to that we can bring in and improve with Search Atlas. Backlink Gap Analysis is much easier. We put our competitors in and then it just shows us which backlinks that they have that we don't, we don't have to go through and search and say, what do we have that they don't. Tremendous help there.

What other tools/solutions were you using before Search Atlas?

Shannon Donovan: Some of the tools we were using before were Ahrefs, Semrush, Mangles, Agility Writer, ZimmWriter. So that's just to name a few.

What made you choose Search Atlas over other alternatives?

Shannon Donovan: Well, we chose Search Atlas over the other alternatives for one thing. We're all in one place. And so just alone, the money from having to pay for all of those different alternatives before versus just Search Atlas, saves us a tremendous amount of money every month. And even better, it's more efficient using Search Atlas. So it's saving us time, which is saving us money as well.

How has Search Atlas helped you improve your agency services?

Shannon Donovan: Search Atlas has helped improve our agency services because especially with content. The clusters we used to be able to get the ideas for content, helping the AI, helping us write the content, being able to improve the content that is written and also improve the content that was already on our site has really helped us. And again, I think one of the things I mentioned were our Backlink Gap Analysis was something else and the reports that are doing it and even the audits that we do breaking it down week by week has helped us as well.

What is your favorite tool within Search Atlas and why?

Shannon Donovan: My favorite tool within Search Atlas is the Content Writer. I mean, it helps us get come up with ideas, it helps us write the topics. It helps us quickly and easily get our top 20 competitors and look at what they've done. And it also helps us improve the content that we currently have. So just it helps us with internal links, external links, H1 categories, H2, how many words we should have. It's just been tremendously helpful.

If you were to recommend Search Atlas, what would you say?

Shannon Donovan: I definitely would recommend and have and continue to do recommend Search Atlas to my network. And I think every single person that I have recommended it to has joined and been using it and says the same great things that I do about it. So yes I absolutely would recommend it very highly.

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