Lisa Parziale for SearchAtlas Video Testimonials

December 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lisa Parziale, Founder @AgencyRemix

Lisa Parziale: Hi! My name is Lisa Parziale and I am a seven figure agency owner and we actually offer website design, SEO, you know, the average stuff. I also created a software for agency owners and do agency owner training.

What challenges were you facing before subscribing to Search Atlas?

Lisa Parziale: One of the things I struggled with quite a bit was trying to afford all the different software packages that I needed to run my SEO business, report to my customers and things like that. And Search Atlas has really helped to solve that problem.

What other tools were you using before Search Atlas?

Lisa Parziale: We were using a myriad of tools, everything from Ahrefs, BrightLocal, Local Falcon, you name it. We were using it to actually perform our SEO and do all of our reporting for our clients.

What made you choose Search Atlas over other alternatives?

Lisa Parziale: The main reason we actually started using Search Atlas was due to the fact that we could take everything we needed all the separate tools, all the different things we needed to run all of the various campaigns, reporting, SEO, everything and actually put it into one tool. And that's what really made us choose Search Atlas. But moreover, we think the team, Manick and everybody at Search Atlas really cares about the success of our agency. In fact, because they're agency owners, I feel like the tool is really tuned in to what we need, which made it a no brainer to pick them.

How has Search Atlas helped you improve your agency services or website's SEO?

Lisa Parziale: Search Atlas has been integral in helping us really streamline our processes with SEO. So while we were using other tools, it seemed like we always had to log into one place and copy and paste and log into another place and copy and paste. And being able to use everything in one tool has really streamlined our processes, made us more efficient. And frankly, some of the tools inside the package are just downright better than what we used to have. So this has really helped us become a better agency with this tool.

What is your favorite tool within Search Atlas and why?

Lisa Parziale: The feature I love the most about Search Atlas is their Content Generator. Everything from writing with entities and all of the keywords, all the way through to plagiarism checker and detecting AI. It's all built into the one tool.

If you were to recommend Search Atlas to your network, what would you say?

Lisa Parziale: I actually recommend Search Atlas to my network. I have a large network of agency owners that actually follow me and take our training and our courses and hands down it's my number one recommendation. And the biggest reason is cost. It saves a ton of money on tools and everything is in one package, making it easy and better to use and streamline your processes.

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