Josh Blakeley for SearchAtlas Video Testimonials

December 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Josh Blakeley, Owner, JBL Digital Marketing

Josh Blakeley: Hi! I'm Josh Blakeley, owner and founder of JBL Digital Marketing and Landscape and Hardscape. Contractor Marketing. We specialize in SEO and PPC services for service businesses.

What challenges were you facing before Search Atlas?

Josh Blakeley: So before Search Atlas, we were paying for lots of other different services to essentially do what you know, Search Atlas has as an all-in-one package right now. So it made project management, more tricky, there's a lot more to kind of track in terms of connecting all these different tasks together in a different, multiple different platforms. And also it was costing more just to do that as well. And yeah, before that, it just particularly the reporting side of things, we didn't have a good platform to show reporting really clearly to our clients.

What other tools were you using before Search Atlas?

Josh Blakeley: Let me try and think of them we were using Ahrefs, Majestic for technical backend SEO, BrightLocal for some of the local tracking, keyword research. Jasper for content writing, Majestic ,I think I said that. But those are the big ones which we were able to use. POP: Page Optimizer PRO. But Search Atlas does all that now.

What made you choose Search Atlas over other alternatives?

Josh Blakeley: Well, now we just have all those tools in one place. Not to mention you, Search Atlas allows you to project manage those different tasks altogether as well as a really clear reporting dashboard, which it essentially takes the elements of all those different services that would be included with those other pieces of software and allows you to then present it to yourself, your team, your clients to look at you know, deepening your SEO strategy there as well. The other thing is a cost side of things too. Just having that all together is now a lot cheaper for our agency to use.

How has Search Atlas helped you improve your agency services?

Josh Blakeley: It allowed us to improve our services because of this, the technical checking of things is really easy to see where you can make improvements for optimization of content, of the backend technical side of things. Content writing is really smooth in putting that together. But we found the AI assistant is great too in just bringing to our attention, some areas of our different sites or client sites, we're working of improvement So our team, we can just take a look at that and, and then see see, OK, if we want to do some small improvements to things, there's a Search Atlas method that's helping us do that. And it's been fantastic.

What is your favorite tool within Search Atlas and why?

Josh Blakeley: Personally, I really like the Google Search Console Analytics integration because it just allows us to keep working and adjusting the SEO strategy. What's working well, what's not working. And then once you can see that, you know, all the tools within Search Atlas to adjust things, create more content, optimize content and do everything on the backend. So that's my personal favorite.

If you were to recommend Search Atlas, what would you say?

Josh Blakeley: Yeah. Look, I know with some other tools like Ahrefs, things like that cost has gone up quite a lot. I mean, Search Atlas just blows that out of the water as a starting point. I know that AI Content Writing tools are constantly changing as well and some of the previous ones like Jasper just haven't kept up you know, Search Atlas just takes care of all that, even better at a bigger scale.

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