Clayton Joyner for SearchAtlas Video Testimonials

December 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Clayton Joyner, Founder @MODRN io Digital

Clayton Joyner: Hey! My name is Clayton Joyner, I'm the Founder of Modrn Digital. We are a Branding SEO and Web Development agency

What challenges were you facing before Search Atlas?

Clayton Joyner: So before coming to Search Atlas, we brought on a brand new national account. The volume was a little higher than the average account we would normally take on. And with the decentralized software solutions we were using before, we were having to operate between four and five different solutions, stitch them all together, try to keep up with every one of them. All the updates, keep everybody trained, the amount of edits back and forth between our client, it just became insane. So we actually started out rocky with this new client, but when it was all said and done, Search Atlas technically saved our client It was a big client for us. We were able to hit a higher volume and higher content scores. We actually found out that our leads went up after the 1st 90 days, 110% in organic lead traffic. So big fan of Search Atlas and all the problems it was able to help us. Save money, time, and performance.

What other tools were you using before Search Atlas?

Clayton Joyner: So the tools that we used included we've tried almost all of them. We used Klad, Chat GPT, Bard. We used Jasper, we used Ahrefs We had BrightLocal, we did all of that. I mean, you name it. We've tested just about every platform on the market and Search Atlas replaced all of them and made it work together It was seamlessly. It's beautiful.

What made you choose Search Atlas over other alternatives?

Clayton Joyner: That's a good question. There's a lot of reasons I think initially naively, the biggest thing that drew me in was that it had the ability to do the keyword research and the AI writing. And to be perfectly honest, I was in love with the idea of these. Because I was comparing at that point, I was looking at maybe getting Surfer AI which had the content scoring system that allowed me to identify how strong the articles being written And the volume of articles that we write It's hard with all of our writers and editors to read every single blog article. And so without knowing more about the system that initially drew me in. Once I got in and saw it and used it. I was blown away. The AI writer was better than we expected. The data intel was incredible and the content scoring system is absolutely amazing.

How has Search Atlas helped you improve your agency services?

Clayton Joyner: So how has Search Atlas helped improve my agency services? I would say one is going to be time. The efficiency that I gained from having all the tools in one place, all designed to work together collaboratively has been massive for my team. It's reduced the number of softwares I have to use. So it saved me money. The quality of the output has been dramatically improved. And one of my favorite features that Search Atlas offers is the ability to build custom brand profiles into the AI writer. I don't have to go in, repeat, and teach the AI who I'm talking about when it comes to one of my clients, their backstory, their brand voice, any of those things because I can pre-program each profile for each brand that I work with into the AI writer. It already knows who they are and knows how to write exactly in the voice that they like, which creates consistency and increases my approvals and reduces my edit requests. It's been incredible for me and my team.

What is your favorite tool within Search Atlas and why?

Clayton Joyner: So my favorite tool in Search Atlas, I can't just say one, there's so many, so many tools that you need if you're doing SEO But if I had to narrow down, I would think that one of the things I really, really love is the Competitor Analysis Tool. I have the ability to go in and look at their full profile, analyze its sites and individual pages and do a full backlink audit. So I can actually see the intel that I need to know how to compete against my competitors or my client's competitors. It's amazing.

If you were to recommend Search Atlas, what would you say?

Clayton Joyner: I would say that if you want an all in one solution that is top secret and elite, this is what the elite teams are using. So if you want to graduate up and you've outgrown the tools that you have or you're tired of using the outdated tools that are available. You need to go to Search Atlas, they're on the cutting edge, they're doing everything right. And they're led by some of the strongest minds in SEO

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