David Moloney for SDI Stela Feedback

January 14, 2024

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Video Transcript

Speaker: David Moloney

As a quick introduction, can you state your name and where do you practice dentistry? (state and country)

David Moloney: Hi, my name's David Maloney and I practice dentistry in Victoria Australia.

Why did you you try Stela?

David Moloney: I found out about Stella at the uh Australian Dental Show. Uh It's just coming up, I saw the ST I Booth and, uh I'd heard about it in the past, but I didn't actually know what Stella was. So I took the opportunity to find out what it was. Uh the whole premise of being a self cure composite really made me scratch my head. And I mean, how is that going to work? Uh But then it was explained to me that, that you can get unlimited bulk fill and gap free with a gap free margin and that was really appealing. So I thought, hey, let's give it a shot.

How did you use Stela? How did it go?

David Moloney: Uh I primarily use Stella as a bulk fill, especially in hard to reach places where I'm not sure my um, curing light is going to adequately cure. So your posteriors, your class one and twos.

How would you explain Stela to another dentist?

David Moloney: I describe Stella as a bulk fill self cure flowable composite that's gap free.

Anything else you would like to say about Stela?

David Moloney: Oh, good. Thank you very much, Tam.

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