First Responder Mouse for Scurring Around Video Testimonials

January 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: First Responder Mouse

How can Vocal Video help our clients?

First Responder Mouse: This website seems to provide an inexpensive, easy to use way to capture video content with high production value for website, social and other uses.

What are possible way our clients can use Vocal Video?

First Responder Mouse: Our clients can capture quotes from patients, k. O. L's, employees, executives and more. For example, one client is considering capturing quotes from co ops for a co op recruiting campaign with the ability to add an existing client footage as well. There are lots of possibilities to create customized content at a low cost.

Is Vocal Video easy to use for participants?

First Responder Mouse: Yes, very easy. An created this test campaign in just a few minutes, she sent me a link, which I clicked and the video capture tool opened in a browser on my phone. I clicked a button that said, let's go. And the first question popped up. I also had the option to retake videos if I didn't do well and submit each question uh individually only when I was pleased with the outcome. So, Anony Mouse can tell you a little bit more about setting up her test account and about the back end tools that she used to make this video look good for the demonstration seems like a great tool.

Produced with Vocal Video