Ed St. Louis for Scrut Automation

January 11, 2023

Watch Ed St. Louis, VP of Engineering at Xima Software, a digital Contact Centre as a Service platform, talk about how he leveraged Scrut Automation to simplify his security and compliance journey

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ed St. Louis, VP of Engineering, Xima Software

What challenges did Scrut Automation solve for you?

Ed St. Louis: One of our biggest challenges is we didn't know exactly how to get started with security compliance. And we had some of our customers asking if we were SOC 2 compliant. We basically had to tell them that we weren't and it wasn't really something that we knew how to get started with. And that's where Scrut came in. They provide an automation platform and a great customer success team and they really helped us get started on our compliance journey. So we first hooked up their software to our cloud based SaaS solution and it quickly alerted us about a few things that we needed to change in our configuration that weren't secure. And from there, we worked with their templates, their customer success team, and started making progress towards SOC 2 compliance.

What was the key impact of using Scrut Automation for your security?

Ed St. Louis: So one of the biggest impacts we've seen having used Scrut Automation platform is that it's really helped us focus more on our security best practices, making sure we're operating the best we can. We're asking the right questions whenever we deploy something new, the way we provision users, the way we run our business. And because of Scrut we're running, we're continually improving our security posture. Also, we were originally only looking to get SOC 2 compliant, but because Scrut supports multiple standards were able to add on ISO 27001 compliance without much additional work, it was nice to kind of kill two birds with one stone.

What makes Scrut Automation unique?

Ed St. Louis: I have to say the best thing about Scrut Automation is their automated cloud risk monitoring. You know, we have it hooked up to our software in GCP in google cloud platform and were notified if we accidentally push configuration or something that's not secure, It's continually monitoring for all of that. It's super easy to use and there's remediation steps next to it, if you do get an alert that shows you that there's a security vulnerability on your platform. And one other thing that really set apart Scrut from other competitors is their customer success team. They are a key differentiator between them and other platforms. They help manage our compliance projects and help keep us making progress in preparation for an audit.

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