Endorsing Suzie

April 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ruth Anne Wood

Hi, this is Ruth Wood from scripting for success. I've known Suzie for about seven years, but just recently helped her edit this course in a memoir she's working on. I was so blown away by the, the process I went through to stop complaining and start telling new stories about my life and my relationship with money and family and um personal emotions that have stopped me in the past. And I'm just so excited about um being on the ground floor um while she created this course and um seeing all the students in the community um get so much value and benefit from it. I'm just so happy to um be going through this course and feeling more, ease, joy, relaxed, um and less drama in my life. So thank you so much Suzie for having the courage to share your personal story and putting it into a usable format that countless people can now use to go through their own personal journey and heal some old wounds while feeling more empowered and self loving.

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