Monica Cadenas Sun Life for Customer Testimonial Videos

April 27, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Monica Cadenas, International Coach, Sun Life International

Monica Cadenas: Hi my name is Monica cadenas, I'm an international coach from the Web Operations department in Sun Life International. Web Operations department in Sun Life International.

How long have you been using Scorebuddy and how did you discover it?

Monica Cadenas: I've been using Scorebuddy for a little bit longer than two years and it's a tool that Sun Life already uses in our department.

What problem were you trying to solve when you found Scorebuddy?

Monica Cadenas: To provide correct numbers and reports to the management team.

Describe how Scorebuddy has helped you solve your problem?

Monica Cadenas: Since I started using Scorebuddy the reports are easier for me to present also quicker, and I feel very confident that I can present accurate numbers.

How would you describe Scorebuddy in three words?

Monica Cadenas: User Friendly Accurate and Fast.

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