Jazmin Lawes for Scorebuddy BI Customer Testimonial

August 25, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jazmin Lawes, Customer Support Quality Assurance and Training Manager, Deriv

Introduce yourself and tell me about your company

Jazmin Lawes: Hello, my name is Jasmine Laws and I'm the customer support quality assurance and training manager. At there, we are a customer focused fintech company dedicated to offering accessible trading solutions to people all over the world.

What did you like about Scorebuddy BI?

Jazmin Lawes: There are two things that I can say I like the most about score buddy B I. Number one is for sure, the level of flexibility in mix and matching different metrics when generating reports that allow me to cater to our department specific needs and not missed out any of the details that we used to have in the past when we need to look at different metrics and different reports. Number two is the automated reporting feature which allows me to improve quality assurance visibility across different levels of the organization.

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