TEST > Jonathon Kurtz for PTA Member Testimonial

May 05, 2023

Jonathon Kurtz, PTA Board Member in Elmbrook School District, explains the benefits of Science from Scientists on student engagement and interest in STEM fields.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jonathon Kurtz

Please introduce yourself and the schools/districts that you represent.

Jonathon Kurtz: Hello, my name is Jonathon Kurtz and I represent the Elmbrook school district in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and I serve on the P T A board.

How has Science from Scientists impacted the science education in your district?

Jonathon Kurtz: Science from scientists has been fantastic to have in our district. I can tell that the students are really more engaged in all of their studies. They're excited about learning about science and the careers that that could take them into. And especially their interaction with the actual scientists in the classroom. It just makes all the difference.

What are the most significant benefits you have seen from Science from Scientists' program?

Jonathon Kurtz: The biggest benefits that I've seen from working with science, from scientists is what I mentioned before, is the interaction of the students with the actual scientists in the classroom. It just makes all the difference to have a real live scientist teaching them these materials and how it relates to their jobs and the students can then understand how, what they're learning can lead them into careers that are interesting to them.

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