Simone Turner for Wild Soul Sacred Body

June 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Simone Turner

Describe your experience in the Wild Soul Sacred Body community.

Simone Turner: I just love how the wild soul sacred body community allows me to show up fully as myself and I know people here that a lot, but this is absolutely true within this community in terms of me as one, a black woman not feeling like that, that is my sole identity, right. Um, and so I believe that this community allow so much beyond just who we are in this physical playing. And I love that. I love that it is a container that allows us to just show up free show up as our wild sacred selves. Um, I really loved that about the community.

What healing or transformation have the embodiment practices specifically helped you with (ie: Healing Meditations, WSM, Erotic Body)?

Simone Turner: the healing meditations have really been helpful for me and releasing a lot of the things that were preventing my body and my mind from thriving. Um so, for instance, the healing meditation has helped me to release a lot of stuck shame, and the erotic body exercises have helped me to release a lot of stuck shame that was in my body, and also helped me to recognize that majority of that did not come from me, but it came from the socialization also, you know, from my family upbringing, and so it's just allowed me to be able to really focus on those things, um allow me to focus more on my heart and opening that area. Um that's something that I've been working on for a long time, and it's still something that I work on to this day, but I'm in a much better place because of these tools within the community.

Describe anything life-changing (literally) that you've learned or integrated via Elizabeth's prompts, posts, workshops, or Q+A sessions.

Simone Turner: So something that I have learned that has really helped me in my life is slowing down and just learning to really step back and look at my expectations. Um This community has really helped me to think differently and also therefore um embody my life differently. And I love that about this program. Um Well not really program but community because uh it gets me more out of my head and really feeling what I need to help me navigate things daily.

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