Marjolaine for Wild Soul Sacred Body

June 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Marjolaine

Marjolaine: well, I'm sitting here right now as the community manager to the wild soul sacred body community and I wouldn't be here doing this soul work, doing my dream job if I hadn't come across Elizabeth's teachings, It started from the podcast and moved on into working with her in immersion ins and then in this community to benefit from the, the way she shows up in the container to show us how, how the self liberation framework plays out in the world. It's this huge permission slip too to be wholeheartedly ourselves, to be embodied, to apply what we're learning in an integrated way to take a workshop and have the Aha moment and then be able to partner it with the embodiment practices to help integrate the experience has been life altering again. I am here because of this work and the yeah, the way that it is taught is is so applicable. It's not this like esoteric, it's real applied frameworks that you can take and and move into applying in in the everyday life that um really you get to see the ripple effect quite immediately and the community gives us the courage to share as we move through, applying the, the tools

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