Christine Juckett for Wild Soul Sacred Body

June 11, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christine Juckett

Describe your experience in the Wild Soul Sacred Body community.

Christine Juckett: the wild still sacred body community is a community of practical soul centered people. Um people who want to grow and learn and who are also willing to cheer and support others who are there to do the same thing, um everyone's path is really unique in the community. Um, but I think that as members of the community needs support, uh, everyone as they feel called, they come together and they support one another, which I think has just been so beautiful because I personally, I tend to shy away from group, um, supports or you know, those facebook groups where they want everyone to comment, that's just so not me, but I felt like a real kinship with a lot of people in the group and when I see that they need support, I'm just happy to be there for them. And then for me as well, when I've needed support and have asked for support, the community members have just shown up in a really beautiful way. So it feels like a very special community and it is a special space for the people who are just soul centered, willing to learn, willing to do the work, willing to be heard, willing to be brave and misunderstood and willing to work through that. So it's just, it's hard to put into words when I feel about the community and the type of space that's being held because we have room, but then we also have guidelines and and you know, the guideline really is just respect each other and listen to each other and be open. So it's just really a special place. It's really, it's hard to put into words what my experience has been. Um but I will say that, you know, when I need support and when I needed help, and when I felt like I didn't have anyone else who really kind of understood what I was going through, folks just showed up, and it was just, it really helped.

What healing or transformation have the embodiment practices specifically helped you with (ie: Healing Meditations, WSM, Erotic Body)?

Christine Juckett: without a doubt, the Wild still Movement practices have really helped me um come into my own. Each of the mantra zoos and the movements uh have allowed me to open myself up to really try and understand what it is I want, Why is it that I'm here and what support do I need in order to live my most true authentic life? So Wild film movement by far has been the greatest teacher supporter transformer. You know that practice has really changed my life and I continue to use it um over and over again because each time you experience Wild full Movement, you're different, you're in a different place. So even if you're watching the same video, the experience can be totally different. So while I like the healing meditations, uh, and the other movements, Wild film movement is definitely the biggest transformation in Parliament practice that I've used on the site.

Describe anything life-changing (literally) that you've learned or integrated via Elizabeth's prompts, posts, workshops, or Q+A sessions.

Christine Juckett: So there have been so many things that I've learned from Elizabeth and her classes and you know working with her, I think the most impactful thing is two stop over functioning and stop trying to have all of the answers for everyone and taking things at my own pace in my own time considering my needs. So I guess you could say like putting myself in the center of my world rather than allowing everyone else to be in the center and me kind of just um orbiting around them. I'm in the center and yes, I love my Children, yes, I love my family. I have work, I have other considerations, but at the end of the day it's my needs that I need to take care of and I need to make sure that I'm good. Um And part of that is just the practice of being honest with people, having boundaries with people. Um And boundaries are a beautiful thing. I never realized that until I started working with Elizabeth, it's self care for you and it's love for others and I didn't understand that until I started working with Elizabeth. Um and I'm giving myself time to think, you know, uh in my world, I have a lot of people kind of vying for my attention and me having the confidence and being comfortable with telling them that I need time to make a decision has really helped a lot before I would just want to give answers and tell people yes or no right away. Now I don't do that. If I need time to think about something, then I give myself the time. So I can't say that this is um you know, listen, I can't say that I've listed out one thing. There's actually been a lot of things. It's been like a cumulative effect, but boundaries are big and just stop over functioning, identify the areas in your life where you're over functioning and rein that in give other people the authority to that way in charge of your own life. There's probably a million other things I can't think of them right now.

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