June Critical Care Medicine

May 17, 2023

Aarti Sarwal, MD, FAAN, FNCS, FCCM, shares highlights from the June 2023 issue of Critical Care Medicine.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Aarti Sarwal, MD, FAAN, FNCS, FCCM

Aarti Sarwal, MD, FAAN, FNCS, FCCM: Hello, I'm Aarti Sarwal, the Social Media Editor of Critical Care Medicine. Here are my top reads from the June issue of CCM you can't miss if you only had 15 minutes to spare. In the first article I chose, the Korean Sepsis Alliance reports their data on the obesity paradox and functional outcomes in sepsis in over 6,000 patients admitted to 19 hospitals in South Korea. In addition to survival, these investigators found interesting observations in degree of organ failure, requirement for mechanical ventilation and frailty. The second article I chose is a study by Grissom and the group who implemented a set of four computerized mechanical ventilation protocols that addressed low tidal lung volumes and plateau pressures, PEEP and Flo 2 titration based on ARDSnet, protocols and a weaning protocol with spontaneous breathing trial and pressure support guidance. This EMR based tool was used on over 9,000 patients with and without ARDS provided they had no ICP crisis, COPD or asthma exacerbation. The investigators looked at proportion of patients receiving low tidal lung volumes, proportion of time spent in low tidal volumes and overall adherence to the protocol. This article provides several operational perspectives into using EMR based tools to enhance adherence to evidence-based practices. For more articles, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Please be safe and well, goodbye.

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