Brandon & Rae Smith for Customer Testimonial Videos

March 21, 2023

Sleep training success for baby with Missy Morrison Charko at Say Yes to The Rest Pediatric Sleep Consulting.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brandon & Rae Smith

Could you describe why you chose to work with Say Yes to the Rest Pediatric Sleep Consulting ? What sleep struggles were you dealing with?

Brandon & Rae Smith: Hello. So we decided to start working with Missy at say yes to the rest. Um, When our son was six months, yeah, about six months. But we started going with her when he was eight months old. Um, we started because he would not sleep at night for longer than 30 minutes at a time. So we were exhausted. We were getting up all through the night. We didn't have a break ever. We didn't have an app schedule. We had literally no schedule whatsoever. Um, yeah. So we actually found Missy through Instagram. She reached out to me actually, after, um, seeing one of my posts about me complaining about how exhausted I was feeling and how I just didn't know how I was going to get my housework done or my work done or take care of our oldest son. And, um, that's kind of how we started with Missy.

How would you describe Say Yes to the Rest Pediatric Sleep Consulting in three words?

Brandon & Rae Smith: So if we were to describe, say yes, the rest pediatric consulting, in three words, it would be supportive, flexible and informative. Um Honestly, we could not imagine have doing this journey without her. Um We didn't know where to start and it was just, it was definitely life changing. So I feel like three words isn't even enough. That's where we're at.

How has Say Yes to The Rest Pediatric Sleep Consulting helped your family? What is one thing you want other exhausted parents to know?

Brandon & Rae Smith: So Missy helped us get on track with building a schedule that fit our already very busy schedule. We live on a farm so we have lots of animals to take care of. We also have an almost 12 year old boy as well. Um We both work full time as well as have um companies that we run as well. So to say that we're already busy is an understatement. Missy helped us by taking are already busy schedule and working a sleep schedule into are already busy world. She made it manageable and gave us tips and tricks and tools to make us feel good about what we were doing. I think one thing um that other parents should know is that there's always options, there's always a way to figure it out and to get through it because we definitely felt hopeless. We were like, how are we gonna be able to function? Uh We're not sleeping, we're doing our best to, you know, maintain our own relationship, relationship with both our kids, um and still be, you know, functioning members of society. And yeah, we want other parents to know that you can get through this And honestly, we wouldn't, we wouldn't want to do this journey with anyone other than Missy. And we are so grateful for because it gave us our life back. For sure. Thank you.

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