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March 03, 2023

Family of a toddler and baby who successfully sleep trained their children with the support of Missy Morrison Charko, child sleep consultant.

Video Transcript

Could you describe why you chose to work with Say Yes to the Rest Pediatric Sleep Consulting ? What sleep struggles were you dealing with?

Hi, we're dan and Courtney, we've now worked with missy two times. We worked with her with our oldest son when he was about a year and a half. And we had been taking like an hour to put him to bed. Um And we had to lay on the floor next to his crib in order to get him to fall asleep and it was a disaster. And then he wouldn't always stay asleep and his naps were all over the place. Um And now he goes to bed quickly and easily fully awake and puts himself to sleep. He naps consistently. Um And she's been able to help us through his different transitions as he is now 2.5. And then also we have an infant, he's now six months and we just recently finished working with him and we loved it because it wasn't like your traditional just cried out, we were still able to give him tons of support so that he didn't feel like we just left him alone. He still got lots of cuddles and lots of love. Um And we went from just atrocious night times of screaming for hours all over the place, chaos and unhappy parents and unhappy toddler because everyone was not sleeping very stressful. Yeah. And now he's we put him to bed with a very clear routine in just a couple of minutes. We get cuddles. We get love and he goes into the crib awake. He puts himself to sleep if he wakes up in the middle of the night. He often puts himself back to sleep pretty quickly unless he um he's still feeding once in the middle of the night, so he'll do that and he sleeps otherwise sleeps through and napping is the same. And she's also helped us work through different milestones that he's hitting as he's developing and changing. She's giving, she's given us the tools we need to adjust as he grows and know what come, what comes next. And she was supporting the entire time all the way through the process. So we always felt like we had someone helping us alone.

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