Video Pitch

June 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Lars Hofschröer I'm 22 years old. I'm a student from Germany and I am applying at your company as an intern in the financial department.

Why Did I Choose ROSEN?

I chose Rosen because it's a very international operating company and it has a very interesting, broad product portfolio which I am very interested about.

My Unique Selling Points

So my top three unique selling points are my work experience. So I worked in the company for two years. and during that period I learned a lot, get a lot of experience. And yeah, that's one of my unique selling points Then I am very eager to learn. I am highly motivated and I'm very good at quick thinking and applying things I learned to my behavior and my my work.

How would I benefit ROSEN?

So, last, but not least, why would it be beneficial for you to hire me as an intern. First of all, I can provide you with knowledge that I have gathered during the time as an international student, and therefore bring a new perspective into your company that might be beneficial to you. And furthermore, you can see me as a raw diamond. So you can file me as you want to to create the employee. You want to have the employee that yeah, suits your needs and wishes, and if everything works, we can develop a great future together and great relationship as an employer and an employee. Thank you very much.

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