October 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Lisa: How was your weekend? My weekend was nice. I actually bought the new iPhone last weekend. Which ones? Really? It's the 14th is the newest one. Yes I really needed a new one because my Samsung did not work well anymore and operating system was very difficult especially with my other devices it just didn't work well anymore. Okay. Yeah I wanted to buy maybe the un unfortunate too. I also have something now but like when I have files I want to send to my grown book and now of a yeah and then I sent everything per email and it's like very bad quality. Yes yes yes I do recommend it like all the files are very safe now operating system on the iphone is way easier than on the Sunstone the android ones and I can connect everything very easily. The laptop, the airports at home the smart tv and other devices so it's just a click and it connects. It's very easy. Also yeah it looks it looks better. I can show you protected. Mhm cameras. I like it. That's nice. So pretty thank you. So yeah absolutely recommend maybe I'm going to buy it because I have like an apple Macbook and then you can just connect everything. Airdrop. Right, Different iphones also there's way better quality. Way better. Yeah yeah I like that. Yeah maybe I'm gonna buy it because it was quite expensive. Right? It was yes especially because the adapters and other like the airports don't come with it so you have to buy it separately but it is worth it. Okay great. Yes

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