Rituals Gentle Cleansing Foam

October 03, 2023

By Azheen Sherwany and Sofia Okanovic

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to another flock of aging and beauty testing today. I'm going to share you, share with you this product that I have been using for a while and I want to share my thoughts and opinion about it. So the product that I have been using for a while is rituals gentle cleansing foam. It is actually very good product. Why? Because it's meant for um this product is meant for all the skin types and al also sustainable. Uh It helps to cleanse and purify the skin removing impurities and exist oil while maintaining the skin, natural moisture balance. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed, soft and smooth. And uh what I can say like during that I have used this product, it is like a magic because it is uh like a refreshing rest. But that washes away the stress of the day and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and brand new. It's like a little spa treatment right at home. And uh Furthermore, I made also a little bit um video about it and I will show you in the next.

See you soon in another video of Azheen & Beauty testing!

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