Mees & Pana Customer Testimonial Videos

October 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mees

How was it before using Rituals shower gel

Mees: before I was using rituals, I was using just normal products I could use, I could, I bought at the store and I thought it was like damaging my skin. My skin was like dried out and stuff, I could feel it and like for example the smell wasn't lasting long. Like imagine I showered and then I went to school like maybe 20 minutes later, like I couldn't smell anything of it. Um It was also, I paid a price for it, I paid some money for it so I was a bit bit sad. I think my showers could get more effective like better smell, better hygiene, making my skin soft and those products just wearing it.

Reece James: Hello. My name is Reece James and I am currently a footballer in Division Three. Live Before Rachel's was very difficult because I have very sensitive skin and with the other shower jars that I used to use, I used to react very heavily, so before rituals, it was very difficult.

How did you find about Rituals

Mees: um I found out about rituals because my dad was using it. So I experienced already like the good smell good quality. And um then I started search it up on the internet and the algorithm made it on get it on my social media. And then I saw all the commercials and I got really like into it. And they also have a store in the place that I live and like it's it's like well decorated the store so it's like very attractive to walk into it and smelled like the good the good flavors. Um So that's how I found out.

Reece James: It's actually a funny story because I I got it as a gift from my girlfriend, she's now my wife. But my girlfriend at the time she gave me a basket and it was well covered, it was nicely dressed and then she gave it to me as as a birthday gift.

How do you feel now after using Rituals

Mees: Like I mentioned before, like my skin felt way more smooth. Um, Also like the smell, the smells way more last thing on my skin. I gotta compliment on school. Um, so like, I think I showered like for example, eight AM and at school like 1.5 hours later than I was, I was on my bike through the wind. Like all the, the nature comes to like get the smell away, but still people um, smelled it on school. So that's really good. Also the packaging, I think it's just nice. Like maybe I'm a bit detailed. I'm a bit of a detailed person. Like if you have that, like you bought a black package, like the black packaging, they put it like in your bathroom. It even susie even looks nice. Like I'm very pleased and yeah, I'm happy, I'm happy.

Reece James: This might sound exaggerated because it's just a shower job, but it's it has been life changing because after I started using it, I smell nicer and people have been telling me that my skin reacts very well to it. It's it has a happy scent. I don't know if that would make sense. But literally when I just shower in the morning, I feel happier because of rituals. So it really has been life changing.

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