Jess Cartwright for SATs Companion Video Testimonials

January 10, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jess Cartwright, Year 5 Teacher

What do you use Sats Companion for ?

Jess Cartwright: Here at Snowfield primary school, we use S companion mainly for homework and booster groups.

How do you incorporate Sats Companion into your every day?

Jess Cartwright: Every month, our key stage two team holds a planning meeting. And in that planning meeting, we sit down with sat's companion and go through all the topics and subtopics that are available on the account. We then pre assign the terms worth of homework. So on that day that we choose the homework will appear in the pupils accounts in regards to booster groups at the start of every term, we set a baseline assessment using such companion and we then create groups to reflect the intervention topics that are generated from that assessment.

Do you have any top tips for other Sats Companion teachers?

Jess Cartwright: My top tips for other teachers using such companion is to really use the pupil usage report. You can clearly see how many questions have been answered each week. And my pupils really like if we have a secondary, will give out certificates for the people who has answered the most questions each week.

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