Sarah Inkley, Accountant - Above Title Production Finance

April 05, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sarah Inkley, Accountant, Above Title Production Finance

Sarah Inkley: My name is Sarah I'm an accountant at Above Title Finance. My role involves a lot of dealing with our clients and third party stakeholders, with lots of information being exchanged in both directions.

Before using Glasscubes, how did you request information from clients, and what problems or frustrations did that cause?

Sarah Inkley: Before we started using Glasscubes most of the information that we exchanged with our clients was all done over email. Obviously that's a lot of volume of information coming backwards and forwards, a lot of PDFs being sent. The frustrations that it caused on the side of our clients was that sometimes it was sensitive information and they didn't necessarily want it to be in the public domain on email. Attachments quite often being too large to send on an email. Issues with junk mail. So attachments not necessarily reaching us and things generally being blocked. So it could cause some delays and hassles on both sides.

Did you have any concerns about moving to a new solution like Glasscubes, and were any of these subsequently realised?

Sarah Inkley: One of my concerns with moving to a new system like Glasscubes was how user-friendly it would be. Obviously a new system can come with a lot of complications learning the ins and outs of it, and obviously we wanted to get full use of all of the functions that the system offers. Also a concern was whether the clients would be receptive to rolling out a new system. On the whole it's all gone very well. We found Glasscubes extremely easy to use. Drag and drop is very simple. We've had a good team behind us that we can go to with queries if we wanted to understand more about some of the functions, or what functionality we could use for certain things that we needed to achieve, and our clients have all been really receptive to using it, and are finding it very easy. So, on the whole it's all gone very well switching over to it.

Please describe working with us. How has Glasscubes helped you, your firm, and/or your clients?

Sarah Inkley: So far our experience with Glasscubes has gone really well. The team there are really supportive and quick to come back on any questions that we send over email. And they've also arranged calls with us to go over some of the functionality that we needed to understand a bit better. As a firm, we now have a secure platform for sharing our information, which is really helpful. And we're also able to share that information with our clients easily without multiple emails going backwards and forwards. Having the extra layer of security for things like bank details and sensitive statements is really helpful because our clients don't necessarily want to give us that sort of information over email. So it's really helped us as a business to be able to say to our clients that the information that they shared with us is protected and encrypted.

Sarah Inkley: I would recommend Glasscubes from the point of file sharing and also the added layer of security. I think it gives our clients peace of mind that the information they're sharing with us is very, very secure. Email is just too easily manipulated these days, and Glasscubes is a brilliant solution to allow information to be shared more securely. I would definitely recommend acting to give your clients the same peace of mind as ours have.

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