Sandra Walburgh Estates for Real Estate Testimonials

September 09, 2022

Real Estate Testimonials

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shandrè

How would you describe Sandra Walburgh Estates in three words?

Shandrè : I would describe Sandra barbeque estates as friendly, helpful and very reliable.

What challenges did you run into that Sandra Walburgh Estates helped you sort out?

Shandrè : We had an encounter with a place where we were moving into, uh, needed to have a nursery close to Sandra went the extra mile by going to get nursery applications for us, making it very convenient when we moved in.

Why would you recommend working with Sandra Walburgh Estates to buy or sell a home?

Shandrè : Sandra um plays pays close attention to all her, um her car, all her people that she works with, and she is just very informative, very friendly. And I would think because she comes across as such a neighborly person, um I would definitely recommend it to other people.

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