Josh Walztoni for Sanctum Federal Training Testimonials

June 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Josh Walztoni, Account Executive, Norseman Defense

Tell us a little about yourself, and why you attended the Sanctum Federal Sales Certification Training,

Josh Walztoni: Hi, I'm Joshua. All stony. Been in this industry for about seven years but been doing sales for about 15 give or take. Um, I went through just the introductory sale certification training on federal sales with Kevin and I am with Norseman defense.

What was useful about the course, and what would you tell a peer about our program?

Josh Walztoni: In regards to the training, there were multiple things that were instantly useful. But to me, the biggest thing was learning about the color of money uh coming into the industry. You know, you hear that term used very loosely. Uh It's used a lot. And for me personally, I never really got a good explanation of what it was. And, you know, unfortunately fell into that category of that was one of those things I was afraid to ask, you know, what does that mean? And, you know, Kevin really broke it down to a granular level, but it was very, very easy to understand. And now I can approach my customers with confidence and, and have that discussion with them and know exactly what they're talking about and be able to communicate effectively.

How will the Sanctum Federal training help you with your sales?

Josh Walztoni: So the federal sales certification training that, that we went through will absolutely affect my future strategy for sales. Um The biggest thing being some of the tools that, that Kevin provided us with, I just, I can't even put a price on them. The time that was spent, there was worth every dollar that was spent. Um I just don't know what else I can say. I mean, see for yourself.

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