What my Students say: Stephanie Yen

June 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephanie Yen

How did you benefit from doing Yoga or Coaching with Svenja? What was your biggest breakthrough so far?

Stephanie Yen: Hi, I'm Stephanie and I just adore Svenja, inside and out, who she is and how she shows up as a teacher on and off the mat. Truly, her presence is so powerful, so activating and her...honestly just her wisdom and the way she shows up to teach is so so powerful that you can tell she has really devoted herself to this path to these studies, to studying from the great masters and the greatest teachers there are. And you can really feel that in the way she shows up. So I have nothing except the most amazing things to say about Svenja and her teaching. And really at the core of it, just her presence. If you show up in her field and you know, take a class with her, I cannot recommend it enough. Truly, just everything, her aura, her essence, everything that she radiates is so amazing and you'll feel so so, so amazing when you step off the mat with a class from her. So I cannot recommend her enough.

How would you describe Svenja as a teacher?

Stephanie Yen: So how I describe Svenja's teaching is honestly extremely potent, powerful and unique. She really carries these three qualities and these essences with her on the mat and off the mat. And oh, you know what else I'll add is a lot of inner peace. I feel a lot of inner peace from taking her presence because her voice is so calming, her essence, everything is so soothing and yet activating and powerful at the same time.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about signing up for Svenja's class?

Stephanie Yen: So for anyone thinking of signing up for Svenja's class; do it! She's amazing. You will not regret it. It's seriously the most amazing thing ever. You're gonna feel so amazing, so refreshed, so lit up so activated, so grounded, so, so much inner peace all at once.

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