What my Students say: Brad Kuntz

April 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brad Kuntz

How did you benefit from doing Yoga or Coaching with Svenja?

Brad Kuntz: I had the pleasure of learning yoga from Svenja in India, the birthplace of yoga. She is so knowledgeable of this tradition and asana flows and meditations, pranayam just in depth knowledge. Even as someone who has been a yoga practitioner for over a decade, I found myself, every time I learned from her, there was something new and that's a real gift. I think even more than techniques, something that I learned from Svenja was how to be courageous and she just sets by her own example, an act of great courage and that really resonated with me and it's something that I continue to see in my own life. So super grateful to Svenja!

How would you describe Svenja as a teacher? Is there anything special about her classes or sessions?

Brad Kuntz: I think Svenja is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher and her deep knowledge of her craft and the profound wisdom that arises from that is invaluable as a teacher. I just feel like when I go into a class with Svenja, I just feel like I can trust her, I trust what she's teaching and just know that I'm being given correct information and correct knowledge and wisdom and it feels really safe for me, so I really appreciate that.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about signing up for Svenja's class?

Brad Kuntz: If you're considering taking a class with Svenja, you should definitely do it. She's top notch. I've taken classes from hundreds of teachers in my life and she is in the top tier. You have nothing to lose, nothing to fear, at least give it one shot. There's nothing wrong with giving it a whirl and I guarantee you you're gonna love it!

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