Adriana about Coaching with Svenja

December 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Adriana

How would you describe Svenja as a teacher? Is there anything special about her classes or sessions?

Adriana: I think Svenja is a multifaceted teacher. She can be very compassive and empathic and wise.

Adriana: But also she can be fierce and targeted and very focused. So it's, it's super easy to work with her. She will bring whatever is needed to the table.

How did you benefit from doing Yoga or Coaching with Svenja?

Adriana: Working with Svenja so far has given me peace of mind, has helped me understand the process I'm going through,

Adriana: two to first understand where I am, and then two transcend and grow.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about signing up for Svenja's class?

Adriana: I would say if you're thinking about joining classes... For me, I had a bit of a doubt when I first started working with her because of her youth. But then I realised once I started working with her, she's only young from the outside. She's she's very wise, she knows her trade, she knows what she does, she's very connected with some source of knowledge and wisdom. So don't even hesitate because she would be definitely bringing whatever she's called for.

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