Pharrell Decker Video Testimonial

November 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Pharrell Decker

Pharrell Decker : Hi, my name is Pharrel Decker. I am 18 years old and I am a native American student here at San Juan College. And the reason why I chose San Juan College is because I'm currently pursuing my business degree here.

What has been your favorite experience at San Juan College and why?

Pharrell Decker : My favorite experience at San Juan College so far has probably been meeting new people and joining clubs. And the club that I'm currently in is called campus activity board, AKA CAB. And the reason why I love CAB is because we plan events for the student body and it's totally free, anybody is welcome to them. And so far my favorite event has been the haunted house that we did on October 30 30th. Yes, I'm sorry about that. Yeah, it was so much fun planning it. The group of CAB was working together and put together a very well haunted house. I heard that it has been the best haunted house in the San Juan College community and so far the cheapest, longest and the scariest and next year is gonna be scarier and better.

How has San Juan College improved your life?

Pharrell Decker : San Juan College has improved my life because every day it tests my limits and allows me to be a better person than I was yesterday. And overall is teaching me how to become a leader and giving me the skills necessary for me to go and succeed in life.

What would you tell others about attending San Juan College?

Pharrell Decker : I would tell others that San Juan College is the place for you. It is very small, but yet very fun. We have so many degree programs that are offered to fit what's best for you. This year, we recently opened up the student resident hall dorms. I personally live their myself and overall, it just enhances my college experience and honestly doesn't feel like a community college, but in my opinion, is probably the best community college that I have seen so far.

Tell us about an SJC resource that has improved your student experience & how?

Pharrell Decker : The Tutoring Center here at San Juan College has improved my student experience because it's basically letting me know that there are people here to help you as a student and they're willing to go out of their ways and take time off their personal schedule to help you as a student to succeed. And in my opinion, that is very awesome. And the people there are super kind and very, very helpful and San Juan College does really care about your success.

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