Ray Benton

September 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ray Benton, Firefighter/Paramedic, Durango Fire Protection District

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you chose San Juan College.

Ray Benton: Hi there, my name is Ray Benton and I'm a firefighter in Durango, Colorado. I chose San Juan College because they're the premier educational facility in the southwest for EMS And paramedic certification, and I'm a recent graduate of their paramedic program.

What has been your favorite experience at San Juan College and why?

Ray Benton: My favorite experiences at San Juan College had to do with the clinical rotations. I was able to do in medical facilities throughout northern New Mexico and Southwest Colorado. I had an irreplaceable opportunity to watch and learn from highly experienced providers and to have the opportunity to practice my skills in the real world.

How has San Juan College improved your life?

Ray Benton: San Juan College has improved my life because they offered me the education I needed at a price I could afford from people who really cared.

What would you tell others about attending San Juan College?

Ray Benton: What I would tell others about attending San Juan College is that the school has the staff and the resources that you need to take that next step in your life. But the rest is up to you. You have to stay disciplined, you have to stay motivated and you have to believe in yourself, and I know you can do it.

Tell us about a SJC resource (Tutoring, Native American Ctr, Student Achievement Ctr etc.) that has improved your student experience & how?

Ray Benton: When I was a student at San Juan College, I took full advantage of the trail system around campus and the Health and Human Performance Center to help keep my body strong and my mind clear. And it gave me much needed breaks between difficult exams and long lectures. It helped me stay fresh and ready for the next topic.

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