Maja Kowalska for Marketing Team

December 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maja Kowalska

What do you do, and what does your day look like?

Maja Kowalska: I'm a product marketing manager. I'm responsible for go to market activities. Value proposition building value proposition and also sales enablement. That's a lot of my day usually starts with checking my emails, responding to them, adding priorities to tasks. Um Then I go to my go to the to do list. I use uh google dogs, google calendar and also uh smartsheet which is uh pretty cool software that they used to plan, go to market activities and others. Then I uh done my work and work of other people if they are involved in uh creation of anything that's on my list. I send them deadlines. I try to um try to put everything together so that the work flow is pretty smooth. And also my time is very divided is divided between meetings, consultations and quiet work. During quiet work I create content to read reports and industry news. And then I have meetings and workshops, tons and tons of them and consultations with different departments mostly products in R. And D. But I also consult stuff with customer success and sales

Where do you get your knowledge, who do you work with on a daily basis?

Maja Kowalska: a lot of my knowledge comes from my previous experience. I have more than five years experience in content marketing and content strategies. I used to work as an in house content creator and also as content marketing specialist in marketing agency. Uh So uh I have a lot of background that supports me in my day to day work. Also I follow multiple groups newsletters and content creators that have some valuable input into product marketing market. And I read a lot of reports. I'm subscribed to newsletters of multiple uh analytical companies that send reports every every few months and I try to stay updated on what's in in the market. And above all I value conversations with my peers here in the company and on the internet because knowledge of other people is also very very important and and amazingly enriching for my for my job who do I work with on a daily basis. Well mostly in this company it's mostly uh product team. Uh So I work with product owners with other uh content creators with designers. We do have regular meetings scheduled on a weekly basis. I also work a lot with other technical copywriters um to upgrade and build beautiful support for our product. And I work with R. And D. Department mostly QH product PM and developers. Um in my department marketing department I worked closely with CMO with content manager, partner marketing Manager and other people according to their needs. And occasionally I cooperate with sales team, customer success team education team people team. Just basically company

Share your top 3 tips for working in SALESmanago.

Maja Kowalska: My first date would be be curious about company, about product, about people around you, uh say open minded, uh, and just uh see something amazing in what you are doing every day. My second tip is talk to people. You are surrounded with absolutely amazing team and you'll never know what wisdom lies behind this one question. And the third tip ask questions because we are not Wikipedia. We share knowledge to be better at what we do to be better on in life. So yeah, ask questions, talk to people and be curious.

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