Michael Schneider, CEO at Joe East Enterprises, Inc.

December 27, 2023

Client recommendation for Sales Manager Now

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Schneider, CEO, Joe East Enterprises, Inc. - A-1Locksmith DFW

Introduce yourself, and share why you looked into working with Sales Manager Now? (The challenge or opportunity you were solving)

Michael Schneider: My name is Michael Schneider and I'm with a one locksmith here in Dallas, Texas. Uh, looked into working with sales manager now, over 15 years ago, uh our company was a family run operated business and we never really had a sales department. So, um, we also didn't have the, the budget for one. And so we found Renee, well, before Zoom was even a thing and worked with him from Texas to California and, uh really were looking to build and develop our, our sales program. That's where it all started.

Can you recall any initial concerns you had before hiring your manager?

Michael Schneider: Any concerns we had, we, we were concerned about budget. Uh That was our initial concern and we wondered how we were gonna do it and then we wondered how we were gonna do something um remotely. And again, this was 15 years ago. So putting your trust in remote management and training was unique. It was new then. So this is all pre pandemic and pre zoom. I'd say those are our initial concerns.

How did hiring Sales Manager Now, help you as the business owner and your company?

Michael Schneider: Uh how did hiring sales manager now help our business? Well, um Rene was our, our first sales manager hired with sales manager now and he went on to train many of our employees uh with our sales team uh over the years, including myself. And after um 17 years, I'm proud to say, I'm the chief executive officer of the company. And a lot of the principles instilled with not just what, what it was from a sales management standpoint, but just really a business management standpoint over all these years. It's been incredible for myself and for our founder.

Do you have any other thoughts you'd like to share with other business owners considering hiring a Sales Manager Now manager?

Michael Schneider: I think some other thoughts that I would probably share with other business owners thinking about hiring, Sales Manager Now would be, think about how you've outsourced before, what's been successful, and what hasn't been successful. Ss a business, we've outsourced things in finance and marketing. And even, of course, the sales and I think that, uh this isn't something that you're just gonna press the, you know, ultimately the, the button and say, hey, build a sales team. I think this is interactive. I think that this is gonna get you thinking about, uh not only your sales department but thinking about your strategy, thinking about um the things that we should be thinking about which are on our business, not so much in our business. Uh give you tools, somebody who's worked with a lot of business owners. They, because they have such a robust book of business across the country, you also get the benefit of uh best practices and mistakes by others too, which I really like and have liked over the years. And, and you also just get a, there's a personal touch that, that, that's part of their core ethos that I think that it's hard to find in this world where there's a lot of transactional online, uh fractional groups out there. Um If you're looking at somebody who's going to really dig in and be a part of your business and understand your strategy, I think that uh it's a no brainer. I'd go with Sales Manager Now.

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