Jeff Birk Giveaway Competition: for Sales Enablement Toronto 2023

November 22, 2023

Jeff is running a giveaway competition for all you sales enablement pros in Toronto! Hurry, the competition closes on Monday, November 27

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jeff Birk

Jeff Birk: Hey Sales Enablement pros. It is Jeff Burke here and I've got some fantastic, amazing news for all of you. The Sales Enablement Summit is going to be coming back to... Drum roll, please... Well, it's, it's this time zone. We're, we're coming back to that time zone right there. That's the eastern time zone, if you can't see it from there. And that means that we're going to be back in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on December 6 & 7. We had such great success there. last time, we are coming back, we're going to do it all over again. What am I going to be doing there? I'm going to the chairman of the event, which means I get to introduce all the speakers, tell some jokes and share some really cool stories along the way. Kind of like what I did a couple of months ago at the SEC summit in San Francisco. This time around in Toronto, I'm telling you, we have got some amazing topnotch speakers with some exclusive insights. I'm so excited that here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to share and give away, complimentary, one of our VIP tickets. Ok. This VIP pass is going to give you access to everything from attending all of the sessions that you want to attend, which again are led by the industry's complete and total thought leaders. But you're also gonna have access to the exhibition floor. You're gonna have food, you're gonna have drinks and of course, you're going to have access to Happy Hour, which we all know is a lot of fun. So here's what you need to do. First of all, like this post where your like button is, make sure to click on that and then what we want you to do is to comment below and let know which session from this stellar lineup that we've got for you that you are most excited about and most interested in and you're going to tag that session with #SECToronto, make sure and do that. Now if you want a little bonus. Alright, listen closely, share this post on your feed and make sure that you tag me, and also Elena, who is our amazing coordinator of this entire event. Her tag is @Elena - Elena Simou. Ok. So make sure and tag both of us, but you got to hurry because entries close on Monday, November 27. So make sure and do it quickly. Don't miss out. Let's make SEC Toronto unforgettable together. So... ready, set, go!

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2.Comment below and let us know which session from the stellar line-up you’re most excited about with #SECToronto

3. Repost for a bonus entry and tag me and @Elena Simou

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