Sarah Fricke for Sales Enablement Summit, Las Vegas

June 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sarah Fricke

Sarah Fricke: Hey everybody, I'm Sarah Fricke, I'm the senior director of sales enablement with Ring Central and I'm excited to see you in Vegas.

What will you be discussing at the Sales Enablement Summit in Las Vegas?

Sarah Fricke: in Vegas, I'm gonna be talking about something that I know we're all focused on, which is how does enablement take what we do over a period of spaced repetition. um and we're embedding it with our teams, but then how do we measure that? How do we turn that into a way that we can go to our sales leaders and show how we're generating revenue for the organization? really excited to see you all. It's a passion of mine. I'm an ex salesperson at heart, so I've always been thinking of how do I help in closing the pipeline? and how do I get to that next level of where enablement is not only a partner to sales, but we are a we're a player when it comes to forecasting business.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Sarah Fricke: After my session, my goal is to stay in touch with many of you to understand How are you thinking of measuring your business differently? Where are you spending time in working with your ops team or working with your engineering team of building out what metrics are you measuring for your business? and ultimately, then what is the success of that? What are you starting to see? And how are those conversations with your leadership different as a result?

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