Mike Friedman-Enriquez for Sales Enablement Summit, Denver

March 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Friedman-Enriquez, Director of Sales Enablement, HiredScore

Please could you introduce yourself?

Mike Friedman-Enriquez: My name is Mike Friedman-Enriquez and I am the Director of Sales Enablement at HiredScore.

What will you be discussing at the Sales Enablement Summit in Denver?

Mike Friedman-Enriquez: My session for the Sales Enablement Summit in Denver is called to infinity and beyond: launching reps into orbit. I was originally asked to focus on onboarding programs and what I've learned through onboarding a ton of sales reps helping to build programs from the ground up and iterating on existing ones. But I wanted to make sure that this session would be accessible and impactful for everyone, so it's still going to contain great information for other training initiatives and programs that you may be building from the ground up.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Mike Friedman-Enriquez: By the end of my session, you'll walk away with a physical start of a plan for your next onboarding program or other training initiative. I'm also hoping that my message of lazoring in on the mission critical pieces of that skill or task will resonate with you and you'll be able to take that with you as well.

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