Mark Truman for Chief Revenue Officer Summit, Virtual

September 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Truman, Chief Revenue Officer, EdgePetrol

Please could you introduce yourself?

Mark Truman: I'm Mark Truman, Chief Revenue Officer at EdgePetrol.

What will you be discussing at the virtual Chief Revenue Officer Summit?

Mark Truman: One of the biggest challenges that we face at EdgePetrol, going from a startup to a scale-up, was making sure that our culture was aligned across the business. What do we mean by culture? Of course, you know that the standard culture of social and going out is a separate thing. What we're really talking about is how people work together, how the teams operate within themselves, how willing they are to actually share feedback and talk to each other and how aligned they are in the vision and the goals of the business. And that's what's really difficult as the Chief Revenue Officer because in the past sales, marketing, customer success, these would have been separate divisions and siloed, but as a Chief Revenue Officer, the most important thing is to bring these together and have a culture which is very similar throughout them. And so we're very much looking at how we build the best possible culture of sharing knowledge of being free to share ideas and really have a blameless culture where we're looking at attacking the problems rather than the people. So that's what I want to talk about at the Chief Revenue Officer Summit. I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody there.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Mark Truman: Culture in the business is built by the people within it, and that starts from the day that they start at your company. So the most important thing that we really concentrate on is when we bring on a new member of the team that they have a proper onboarding process and that we define what's expected of them and what that culture is as they go through the onboarding process and they begin to ramp up. And that's the little nugget that I'm gonna be giving everyone - how we do that, what we put in that onboarding process, and how we run that to give everyone an actionable takeaway so they can use that in their own teams.

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