Maggie Callahan for Sales Enablement Summit, New York

January 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maggie Callahan, Director, Global Revenue Enablement, OneTrust

Please could you introduce yourself?

Maggie Callahan: Hi everyone, my name is Maggie Callaghan and I am the Global Director of Revenue Enablement at OneTrust.

What will you be discussing at the Sales Enablement Summit in New York?

Maggie Callahan: I'm very excited to be joining you at the New York City Sales Enablement Summit to talk at length about how to not only choose, but then implement, measure, and effectively gain buy-in for a sales methodology for an enterprise business. Right now, in not only the economic climate, but also as businesses across the world are continuously looking to scale, implementing a formalized methodology to make sure that all of your sellers, solutions, engineers, BDR's, managers, and then even past that, in through your post sale motion are speaking the same language and on the same page, because all of that actually leads to the best type of customer success.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Maggie Callahan: If there are two nuggets that you leave with on our panel for sales methodology implementation, um, they will be, one, how do you project manage and actually organize how to choose the right methodology based on your organization? Because there's a lot that goes into that, not only the types of sellers and leadership that you have today, what your organization is used to, how they sell today and where you're moving towards, your strategic priorities. So that's huge, organizing all of that. And really evaluating the right types of methodologies. The second and probably my most passionate topic is what happens after you implement? How do you put an operating rhythm into practice and how do you operationalize a methodology to make sure that across your organization there actually is adoption and buy in?

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