Ethan Lippman at Sales Enablement Summit Austin

February 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ethan Lippman, Sr Director RevOps and Sales Enablement, Alkami Technology

Please could you introduce yourself? (name, job title and company)

Ethan Lippman: Hey, what's up My name is Ethan Lipman I am Senior Director of RevOps, Competitive Sales Enablement at a company called Alkami Technology.

What will you be discussing at the Sales Enablement Summit in Austin?

Ethan Lippman: at the Sales Enablement Summit in Austin, I'm gonna talk about how there are many repetitive tasks that sales reps can automate to free up their time for more valuable sales activities. Right? Allow them to send more time selling and less time on tasks that we can be automated. some examples of tasks we can automate include sending emails, automation can help sales reps send personalized emails to prospects and customers including follow up emails and newsletters, scheduling appointments, right? Automation can assist sales reps and scheduling and rescheduling appointments with prospects and customers. data entry. When we think about Salesforce, how can we use automation to help sales reps avoid the tedious tasks and manually entering customer data into a CRM or other database. Social media. How can we leverage automation to improve our sales rep social media presence online. When you think about product demos, how can automation assist sales reps in delivering personalized product demos and walk through to a prospect using real data and using real customers feedback to tailor the experience and then finally content discovery. Right? We all have so many slides, sales people love their decks. Well how can we use automation to assist sales reps and finding and updating content both in real time while on the phone with prospects and after the call and delivering the proper content to the prospect. So, overall automation can help sat sales reps by taking care of repetitive and time consuming tasks, bringing them up to focus on more high value activities such as lead qualification and relationship building

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Ethan Lippman: Following this presentation, you're going to feel confident that you could go back to your sales team and let them know you will be releasing tools and technologies to save them 40 hours of time at a minimum, this year of repetitive tasks. That way, they could spend more time selling and less time on manual effort.

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