Emily FitzPatrick for Revenue Acceleration Festival

May 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Emily FitzPatrick

Please could you introduce yourself (Name, job tite & company)

Emily FitzPatrick: Hello, my name is Emily Fitzpatrick, I am the global Director of Revenue enablement at Culture AMP.

What will you be discussing at the Revenue Acceleration Festival?

Emily FitzPatrick: In my session, we will be discussing career growth and I'm excited to look at it from two different lenses, one as an enablement lead building out the function and the role at a company. So how to create career progression for your teams? Different competency models behavior is how to create a team where people can grow over time, but also looking at it from an individual contributor lens, Where are opportunities for stretch, stretch projects, behaviors or competencies that you can add to your skill set to help grow as a practitioner.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Emily FitzPatrick: After my session, I'm hoping that attendees leave with one small action they can take and apply to their own role or their own career. It sometimes can be very overwhelming when you think about career growth or career planning. There's so much to consider. There's so many different opportunities in places that you can grow. And for my sessions, I always hope that my learners or my listeners can walk away with just one thing that they could take away and apply to themselves and to their own career to help them get to that next level.

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