Del Nakhi for Sales Enablement Summit, San Francisco

August 10, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Del Nakhi

Please could you introduce yourself?

Del Nakhi: Hello, my name is Del Nakhi, I'm the Global Director of Customer and Revenue Enablement at Maria DB.

What will you be discussing at the Sales Enablement Summit in San Francisco?

Del Nakhi: My session will be focused on the importance of change management. Often times as enablement teams who are topped with supporting various projects and priorities across the organization, and with training in particular, that's only a single point in time. So for us to be really effective and impactful with the work that we do, change management becomes very critical to our work, and I'll be talking a little bit more about what that entails and how you can set yourself and your teams up for success, as well as achieve the objectives of any initiative that you have at your company or organization.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Del Nakhi: If there's one takeaway I want to make sure all attendees walk away with, it's how you can use change management to be a more strategic function within your revenue organization, as well as help manage expectations with your stakeholders. Oftentimes everyone wants things done yesterday, and for it to be impactful, change management is a process and does take time. So, especially again for larger initiatives, this could be a really valuable way for you to be able to communicate what it takes for your stakeholders, for you to be able to accomplish the objectives that they've laid out and then be able to prioritize with them based on the amount of work and scope of the work that's needed.

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