David Kinard for Chief Revenue Officer Summit, Virtual, Feb 2023

January 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Kinard, Chief Revenue Officer, First Choice Health

Please could you introduce yourself?

David Kinard: Hi I'm David Kinard, the Chief Revenue Officer for First Choice Health Network.

What will you be discussing at the Chief Revenue Officer Summit?

David Kinard: Lots of time and energy goes into lead generation and marketing qualified leads and a lot of expense too. But what we don't do in our sales forecasting and budgeting is really understand how to create a comprehensive plan to enable all of that to happen. So in the session I'll be participating in, I want to talk about four layers that we as revenue officers can look at and really make sure we have a comprehensive program. So in order for our customers to give us money and for us to reach our financial and sales and profitability goals, we have to have customers that find value and those value proposition statements need to be differentiated from the competition. Now, in order to deliver that value to our customers, we have to have an infrastructure that consistently delivers and standardizes the value and creates an easy mechanism. It's the machine constantly works and we remove abrasion from that customer experience, and in order to have an infrastructure that's built to deliver value so that we get our revenues and income, we have to have an underlying sales team, a culture, a philosophy of motivated and dedicated and passionate people, who are sitting in the right seats on the right bus, facing the right way and have all of the skills and abilities to do the job that we're asking for them. All four of those layers work together in order for us to achieve our revenue outcomes

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

David Kinard: So I'm hoping out of the session, and the other voices, you're gonna learn tools and tips and techniques, whatever the word is, to help you drive forward a comprehensive plan that isn't just focused on the vanity metrics of how many leads that I get, and did I work my pipeline, but that you're actually creating true and differentiated value within the organization so that you can deliver that to your customers.

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