Cristina von Mayer for Chief Revenue Officer Summit, Virtual

September 22, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cristina von Mayer, Chief Revenue Officer, EmailTree AI SA

Please could you introduce yourself?

Cristina von Mayer: My name is Cristina von Mayer, and I'm the Chief Revenue Officer at EmailTree AI, leading the sales, marketing operations, growing the revenues in Europe, US and Middle East. Email Tree AI is a SAS email workflow and collaboration platform. We have developed our platform to extract the essence of incoming messages from any channel and we have obviously started with the most complex channel, the email, and advise the best possible answer and next action, automating your processes end to end. EmailTree AI puts you, the human, at the center and gives you the tools to deal with the important emails and other messages that generate revenue continuously, focusing on the employee and the customer experience.

What will you be discussing at the virtual Chief Revenue Officer Summit?

Cristina von Mayer: The session I will be talking is cultivating growth through customer focus. I'm passionate about the customer and the customer journey. Understanding and deputizing with customer needs, their priorities and value their time is a must have in today's world. An excellent customer focus requires cross-functional collaboration between the sales departments, and this is why the rule of the CRO Is so crucial to enable consistent and sustainable revenue growth.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Cristina von Mayer: How important it is for a CRO to go beyond a typical sales role to a more company holistic role that embraces all the customer moments of truth and the customer touch points with the employees of the company, essentially fostering a customer centric mindset, enabling customer centric behaviors by establishing the right visibility, the right governance and metrics.

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