Nicole Ward: Sales Enablement Summit Toronto

November 15, 2023

Nicole Ward chats about her session at the upcoming Sales Enablement Summit in Toronto, December 6 & 7

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nicole Ward

Please introduce yourself

Nicole Ward: Hi, I'm Nicole Ward, Senior Director of Revenue Enablement at OneSource Virtual. I've been practicing enablement for over 12 years and I'm currently based in London, Ontario.

What is your session about and why is this topic interesting?

Nicole Ward: My session is on December 6th at 3:45 p.m. And that also happens to be my birthday. And the session is titled: Building An Agile Enablement Charter. That Scales. And I'm excited to speak about this topic because whenever I start in a new organization, I always start by building a charter. What are the key goals that my team and I set out to accomplish? And before we actually take action on anything, we visit that with our leadership team and revisit it often to ensure that we have alignment and that we can adapt as needed as the business goals change.

What are you most looking forward to at the event?

Nicole Ward: Well, naturally, I'm excited for my session. I love getting up on stage and sharing best practices with other enablement practitioners. But in general, I'm just excited to connect with my peers in the enablement space. Events like this always provide really great opportunities for us to get together and collaborate and get some great new ideas from one another. So it's all about that enablement community and that's why I'm most excited about this event.

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