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October 27, 2022

Volunteer Testimonial for Website

Video Transcript

Speaker: Abe wall, Volunteer

What is your first name, your role at Salem Home and how long have you been part of the Salem Home Team?

Abe wall: Hello. My name is Abe. I've been at Salem for close to four years as a volunteer, and my role is to just make their day visiting, uh, taking to and from them from the room to the dining hall. Uh, just anything and everything that I can do to help and make their life a little more pleasant.

Could you share a few details about your role and what your favorite part of your day is?

Abe wall: a few details of what I do there As a volunteer, I sometimes go from room to room visit with him, spend time with him and take them for a ride on their wheelchair and uh, just try to raise a smile in their face. Uh, so many lonely people out there. So if I can make their day, uh, that makes it all worthwhile. And some of the highlights of the day is, uh, just listening to them and hearing them tell all the stories and experiences that they have and just being part of it part of their day. Uh, that's some of the highlights of my day there.

Could you share why you choose to be part of the Salem Home Team?

Abe wall: The question is, why did I choose to be part of the Salem Volunteer team? Well, I used to visit my dad there when he was a resident there and I ended up visiting with a lot of other residents and I enjoyed it. It's so easy to make somebody's day to make him feel loved, accepted. And there's so much loneliness out there. And if I can be part of their day, uh, that gives me a very, very good warm feeling. Uh maybe someday I might be there too. And as the bible says, you will reap what you saw. And if you sow happiness, enjoy, that's what you will reap. And that's what I get. I uh every time I go there to volunteer and to spend time with them, listen to them. Uh I go home very rewarded.

Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about joining the Salem Home Team?

Abe wall: My advice would be for anybody who's thinking of volunteering at Salem, just do it. Try it out. Uh, it's so easy to just strike up a conversation with somebody. Or just to listen. Some of these residents, they just want somebody to listen to. And it is very rewarding. And it gives you a feeling of, uh, in a sense that you have been a blessing to somebody, uh, bring some joy and a ray of sunshine into their lives. Be part of it. It is so worth it. Try it.

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