Tanya Becker for Customer Stories Full, Original

May 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tanya Becker, Child Protection Supervisor, Kansas Department for Children and Families

Which of our tools have supported your practice?

Tanya Becker: the safe generations team really helped our organization. They were able to provide guidance support leadership to our agency throughout the whole implementation phase of the practice model for our state. Um each of them are able to answer questions, provide guidance support every step of the way. One of the big standout features for me specifically was there tech tools in working with dan dan and I had one on one meetings. He listened to my visions. Um he was able to customize things to work in real time that the practitioners were using out in the field. Um he really saw my vision and not only listened and understood what it was, but he was able to look into the future and um give me some special bonus features that I hadn't even thought of yet. Um the whole safe generations team is just truly kind smart, helpful down to earth funny. They just really make you feel like family. So thank you safe generations for not only giving us a great um model and tools to use with our families but for providing behind the scenes support that you likely just can't get anywhere else

What do you like the most about our technology services?

Tanya Becker: The thing I liked most about the technology services that were completely customizable and dan is able to just take your vision and go with it. He's so great to work with, he's so kind. Um, down to earth, a joy to work with. Um, he took my vision, he saw into the future. He gave me things that I didn't even know I needed and he was just a joy to work with. So thank you.

Would you recommend us to others? Why?

Tanya Becker: So I would recommend safe agenda others because they are able to provide guidance support, leadership every step of the way. Um They are there if you need them, if you're struggling there super supportive and they make you feel like family, they're just great people with big hearts and they want you to succeed.

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