Dr. Elizabeth Wynter for Fun & Free FRIDAYS

February 09, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Wynter, Consultant

Dr. Elizabeth Wynter: Hi, I'm Doctor Elizabeth Winter and I am joining you from beautiful Tallahassee, Florida. After 25 years of child welfare leadership, I am now working as a consultant, keynote speaker and author of my newly published book, Follow The Love.

What's a fun fact about yourself or the country, city, province, town, etc. you live in?

Dr. Elizabeth Wynter: Here's a fun fact about me. I live on Lake Talquin. It is a 10,000 acre lake, nestled in Lake Talquin State Park. Very close to Apalachicola National Park. The lake is 10,000 acres and it's named Talquin because half the lake is in Tallahassee and the other half is in Quincy.

As you reflect on child welfare practice, what's important to you?

Dr. Elizabeth Wynter: Child welfare has been a passion of mine for over 25 years. The area that I am most concerned about are our youth and young people aging out of the foster care system. We can do better by them by ensuring that their voice is integrated into decisions that impact their lives and ensuring that they have permanent connections to support their interdependence as they become adults.

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