What is a Tech Affiliate?

June 17, 2022

Introducing Tech Affiliates - promo video

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrea Robideau, Operating Officer, SafeGenerations

What's new at SafeGen and how can it help me?

Andrea Robideau: After years of seeing struggles and challenges within child welfare systems, we've been developing tools in three categories: Family Engagement Tools - these tools are free. Guided Practice Applications, which can help guide our interactions with families or guide supervision in the office, and then Data Dashboards and Insights to help us better understand what's happening within the interactions of those we serve, and insights to help us change and grow in our service to those people.

How can I get involved?

Andrea Robideau: If you do direct work with families, you're welcome to use our Free Family Engagement Tools. If you're a Consultant or a Trainer for child welfare organizations, you're also welcome to pass along the link and share these free tools with the people that you serve. The first free tool that we've launched for our Family Engagement Tools is called the Network Safety Scale Tool. It allows families and networks to share safety ratings and information with the worker. You can click on the link in this email to get started. You may have heard about the different types of affiliates at Safe Generations. Tech Affiliates are human service professionals who are using our technology tools within the organizations that they serve as Trainers or Consultants. If you're interested in learning more about what it means to become a Tech Affiliate of SafeGen, we want to know!

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