Nelkasia Graves for Beyond Rhetoric

December 02, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Nelkasia Graves, TXPOP Site Coordinator , Monarch Family Services

What would you tell others who are considering participating in a future Beyond Rhetoric workshop?

Nelkasia Graves: What I would tell others that are considering participating in the Beyond Rhetoric workshop - DO IT! This workshop is by far not your traditional workshop and will definitely empower you as a professional within the child welfare system to take action immediately.

How is Beyond Rhetoric different from other workshops?

Nelkasia Graves: This workshop was very interactive. And when I tell you that every participant participated and gave feedback in it - it was just a safe place. The tone that the facilitators did set was a very safe place for people of color and to be able to express themselves and give honest feedback on specific questions that were asked. And also for people that were not of color to be able to ask questions in a respectful way and be ready for the responses that the people of color did have for some of their specific questions. Everyone was very respectful of one another. Everyone was just able to be honest and give honest dialogue and asking honest questions that they've never been able to discuss within a workshop.

What difference has it made?

Nelkasia Graves: So this workshop definitely empowers and connects you with resources with resources across the world to be able to come together as one, to make some noise, to empower us to make that change. Not later, but now! So this workshop is not your traditional

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